Our Complementary Colleagues

Pymble GroveFor the last seven years, Natural Dentistry has been part of the Pymble Grove Health Centre. This practice is a complementary medical centre embracing many disciplines and offering a wide range of health services including western and eastern medicine and complementary therapies. There is often a team approach where we work together for your health care, discussing, planning and treating so offering more options and possibilties for your health and wellbeing.

We have three holistic medical GPs; Dr Richard Schloeffel, Dr Yuwen Lee, James Read and Dr Nick Goodman. With their western medical training they incorporate complementary therapies which include herbal medicine, acupuncture and vitamin treatments. Areas of particular interest are degenerative disease such as chronic fatigue, women’s medicine and Anthroposophical medicine.

Dr Antony Underwood is a specialist paediatrician who incorporates Anthroposophical medicine into his practice. Along with his specialist paediatric training, he uses homeopathy and vitamin and mineral therapies. Anthony has recently been involved in developing the holistic treatment of autism.

Dr Karen Bridgeman is our naturopath and appointments can be made by contacting reception. We also have a Dispensary staffed by Naturopaths who formulate and supply herbal medicines, advise you on complementary therapies using a comprehensive range of vitamins, minerals and homeopathic products.