As with whole body health, dental health has its basis in good diet, fitness and a stress free mind.”

Dr Ross Mackay BDS
Dental Surgeon

Holistic dentistry The philosophy at Natural Dentistry is to provide our patients with a high standard of dentistry incorporating eastern medicine and western complementary medical practice.

We are often asked what is natural dentistry and how are we different from other dentists? In essence it is the practice of natural dentistry recognizing your health, dental disease and the treatment of that disease are interlinked.

Therefore we avoid the use of toxic materials like mercury and utilize natural therapies in your treatment. By incorporating modern dental equipment, materials and techniques with complementary therapies we offer you a wider range of treatment options to achieve the goal of long term dental health.

What Does This Mean to You?


Tooth decay is not due to a lack of fluoride rather it is a nutritionally based infective disease. With the right pathogenic bacteria present, too much refined processed carbohydrate eaten too often creates the environment for decay in your mouth. Unprocessed, fresh, seasonal foods eaten at regular times will reduce decay before a toothbrush even touches your teeth. This is not to say cleaning teeth is unimportant, quite the opposite, daily brushing and flossing is the cornerstone of any preventative program. But a holistic approach to dental health starts with good food and eating habits.

Fillings and Implants

Every day we are exposed to many environmental pollutants and toxins. To reduce your exposure at Natural Dentistry we avoid toxic materials such as mercury and nickel. For fillings we use tooth coloured resins and porcelainalong with gold. When replacing mercury (amalgam) fillings, vitamins, minerals and herbs are used to protect you and remove the mercury from your body. Biocompatible ceramic implants to replace missing teeth are available at Natural Dentistry.


Gum disease is an inflammatory condition caused by bacteria present in the mouth. Again, daily cleaning of these bacteria is essential in the prevention of gum disease. The inflammation can be reduced by addressing the three areas of diet, exercise and state of mind. This takes a greater importance now that recent research has closely associated gum disease with stroke, heart attack, diabetes, obesity, rheumatoid arthritis and cancer. By controlling gum disease you can reduce the likelihood of getting these degenerative diseases and their severity if you already have them.


Excessive long term stress is now accepted as normal in our society. Yet this stress reduces the efficiency of our immune system, increases inflammation and leads to tooth clenching and grinding which can cause pain in the jaws, head and neck and even fracture teeth. A stress reduction approach using food, excercise and mind relaxation techniques such as yoga and meditation is all part of a holistic dental health plan.

Stress Free Dentistry

And finally, we are often asked if holistic dentists use anaesthetic. Yes, of course you have the choice of anaesthetic for your treatment. Acupuncture is also available for sedation and pain control. In our well appointed surgery with your choice of music, television (Foxtell) and the option of Nitrous Oxide (laughing gas) you can be assured of relaxed and pain free dentistry for the whole family.