Hi. My name is Christine Zhang and I am the dental hygienist at Natural Dentistry!

I acquired my Bachelor of Oral Health in 2010 with a Dean’s Merit Award from the University of Newcastle. This is how you become a dental hygienist, who in essence keeps your teeth and gums healthy by cleaning your teeth.

I am trained to do individualized preventive clinical procedures and use educational and therapeutic methods to teach patients about correct home care, which aim to prevent oral disease and aid patients to achieve and maintain oral health. I am a registered dental care provider, oral health educator and clinical operator working under the supervision and prescription of the dentist.

During a typical appointment with me, I remove soft and hard deposits (tartar, stain, and plaque) from your teeth; and examine the gums and teeth. I also often perform root planning (a type of periodontal therapy), take x-rays and apply decay-preventing treatments such as fissure sealants.

And I will always coach you on how to establish and maintain personal oral hygiene and leave you with a good understanding of proper teeth cleaning habits and the relationship between diet and oral health.