Dento-Facial Aesthetics

The Complete Smile Makeover

The main focus of our cosmetic dentist is always to help you achieve the best looking YOU!

  • Smooth wrinkles such as crow’s feet, forehead lines, frown lines
  • Soften deep lines and grooves
  • Relax top lip to improve high gum lines
  • Create more beautiful lips
  • Simple, safe, painless and effective treatment


Why your dentist is ideal for the job …. Your dentist is among the most qualified to offer you complete facial enhancement because:

  • A dentist’s training and expertise is all about the face. As a result of their university training, dentists graduate with a thorough understanding of facial structures and anatomy. Knowing exactly where all the nerves, blood vessels and muscles are in the face is crucial to not only achieving the best results, but also avoiding potential complications.
  • Dentists thoroughly understand complete facial aesthetics
  • Dentists can make the procedures more comfortable
  • Dentists can now treat previously complicated dental problems quickly and easily such as chronic jaw joint pain or gummy smiles to name a few


Please call us if you would like to know more about these procedures done by Dr Sam Guirguis