Billions of dollars each year are allocated to research with the goal of improving the health of a population. Despite this, many health policies in place do not reflect the current science. Often, findings from basic, clinical, and health services research fail to be translated to policies and practice that may improve health. Scientists play a critical role in… Continue reading

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Diet and Dental Caries

The Pivotal Role of Free Sugars Reemphasized

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  3. 1Department of Epidemiology and Public Health, University College London, London, UK
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  5. Sheiham, Department of Epidemiology and Public Health, University College London, 1–19 Torrington Place,… Continue reading

Recent media releases concerning poor infection control standards in Sydney dental practices.

 Dear Patients,

Following the recent media coverage of inadequate infection control practices and unlicensed dentists carrying out treatment on patients, I am writing to reassure you that Natural dentistry adheres to the highest quality infection control practices.

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As we have always said at Natural Dentistry, a good diet and healthy lifestyle is the basis of dental health.  The following recent report and articles cited in that report give scientific support to our philosophy.

An article published this year in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition (Staufenbiel et al., Periodontal Conditions in Vegetarians: a clinical study. 2013),… Continue reading

Please read this information we found on website (01/06/2013), these are products Natural Dentistry uses and we have found them to be usefull & safe.

On Detoxing Mercury

According to Dr. Shade, effective detoxification is highly dependent on your glutathione and sulfur metabolism. For example, when your glutathione and sulfur levels increase, you’ll typically see higher levels of… Continue reading

An open letter – From Robert Gammal BDS – Essential reading for all dental students

This open letter is addressed to the Deans and the Professors of Dentistry, who continue to teach dental students to use dental mercury (Hg) amalgam as part of their curriculum.

The information contained herein is of course pertinent to dental students.

No other university students… Continue reading

Use Your Toothbrush To Fight Cancer Dr. Isaac Eliaz | Sep 07, 2012 |

Some of the most important tools you can employ to lower your risk of cancer are a toothbrush and dental floss. Use them properly and you may lower your chances of early cancer death by up to 80 percent.

For years now, the medical community has… Continue reading

?. Introduction

It has been more than two hundred years since the first manual toothbrush was invented (Wilkins, 2009). They became one of the very few things that everyone uses (Ash, 1963) after the 1930s (Claydon, 2008). Since then, tooth brushing has been a habitual behavior for most of the civilized humans, and considerable effort and resources have been… Continue reading

There has been a lot of discussion over the last year in the mercury debate about the environmental effects of mercury waste from amalgam fillngs and governments around the world considering banning or phasing out amalgam as a filling material. The following article looks more at the improvement in health and reduction in the total body burden of mercury. A… Continue reading

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